June with Edith

Edith Holden June

Why will your mind forever go
To meads in sunny Greece?
Our songbirds have a fine a flow,
Our sheep as fair a fleece;
Among our hills the honey-bee,
And int he leaning pear –
I tell you there is Arcady
In leafy Warwickshire.

~ Norman Gale

In other words:  The grass only looks greener on the other side of the fence.  While we are not in the Bard’s own -shire, we are in our own little Shire here in NE Ohio, and with June come all the beauties of early summer.  The Dog Roses and Yellow Iris are about done blossoming already because the winter was very mild, but our hedge has just started.  It’s little white blossoms have a fragrance similar to jasmine, so I am assuming it is of the same family.  Baby bunnies are already hopping everywhere, the first brood of robins is about to leave the nest, the young sparrows are on the wing already and Mrs. Myrtle Warbler has three eggs to keep warm at this point in time.  She has built her nest in said sweet-smelling hedge and used primarily hair from our big white pup…  Must be comfy!

Mother Warbler

Note:  The drawing and quote are taken from Edith Holden’s “The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady”.  If ever you were looking for a good example of a nature journal, or wanted to motivate your own young ladies to start notebooking, this is a wonderful book to refer to.  Besides, it is full of beautiful poetry and interesting information, presented in outstanding penmanship.


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