Händel’s “Il Pastor Fido”

Georg Friedrich Händel’s “Il Pastor Fido” is a wonderful opera to study, and I very much like this recording by La Nuova Musica.  The video below is a 9 minute promotion video, but it gives an intriguing insight into where and how the opera was recorded, what the instruments they played looked like, and who participated in the recording.

One part of the musical education of our girls consists in us picking a piece of music like this opera and listening to it over and over again, for a good long time.  First, we enjoy the overall mood of it, then we start developing favorites, and gradually we gravitate from the easier melodies that are our first favorites to the more challenging tunes that become our new favorites.

We usually find out all we can about the composer as well as the artists that brought the music to life for us in the particular recording we chose to be our introduction to it.  In this case, the booklet that came with the CD was very informative.

Thus we have learned to appreciate and cherish classical music by training our ears to prefer what has already stood the test of time.


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