Book Review: Legend of the Ghost Dog

I love books and this post is about a book I got from the library. Legend of the Ghost Dog  was written by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel and first published in 2012. The copy I got is signed by the author.  She also gave it to the library.  Inside she wrote “Books are cool.”

books are coolHere is the story:

A 12-year-old girl called Tee is in Alaska for 2 weeks with her 7-year-old brother Jack and their beagle Henry.  One day she takes a walk with Henry and something spooks him.  This happens twice!  So Tee, her new friend Quin, Jack and Henry set out to find out what is going on.  Is the Ghost Dog called “The Shadow” causing all the trouble?

I like the novel because I like ghosts, dogs, and Alaska, and I read most of the book in one afternoon because it was so exciting.  Besides, the character Quin is a bookworm just like me.


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