Do you know the ‘Ologies?

The’ Ologies’ are a series of very interesting books on unusual subjects such as the study of dragons, monsters and pirates.

dragonolyWell, the’ Ologies’ are a series of very interesting books on unusual subjects such as the study of dragons, monsters and pirates.  Each ‘Ology’ has a bunch of extras.  They are published by Candlewick Press, and the ones I am listing here were all written by Dugald A. Steer, and published under pseudonyms.


Dragonologyby Dr. Ernest Drake

Dragonology has age graphs, runes, riddles and spells.  There is also a Dragonology Handbook to be had, a Dragonology Guide, Drakes Comprehensive Compendium of Dragonology as well as a series of novels called The Dragonolgy Chronicles.  I enjoyed reading the first of the series called The Dragon’s Eye, but haven’t read any of the others yet.  Below you see different dragons studied in the book.

sample page dragonology

Monsterology, by Dr. Ernest Drake

Monsterology has monster descriptions, specimens, photos and a cabinet of curiosities.  A Monsterology Handbook has been published as well.  To me, the monster photos, like the Nessie photo or the one of Sasquatch, were the most fascinating and odd thing in this book.  And I just adore the beautiful hippogriff you see below on the left.

sample page monsterology

Wizardology, by Merlin

Wizardology has stories, advice, a map and potions.  A Guide to Wizards of the World and a Wizardology Handbook are available as well.  The spell-casting table in this book was particularly fascinating to me and the guide to working with familiars.  Familiars are animals that can help you find things and answer questions, according to the book.  Below you see a wizard’s study.

sample page wizardology

Pirateology, by Captain William Lubber

Pirateology has letters, half a treasure map, flags and lots of information about pirates.  There is a Pirateology Handbook as well.  Captain Lubber is a pirate hunter, and his enemy, pirate Arabella Drummond, is mentioned a lot in this book.  He is looking for her treasure, too, but only has half the map, it seems.  There is also the story of Grace O’Malley, the Queen of Pirates, in this book.  She was friends with Queen Elisabeth I!  Go figure!  There is a picture of Arabella below.

sample page piratology

There are a good many more ‘Ology books out there, written by other authors.  You might even be able to get them at your local library.

all books

There is also the brand new Knightology but I have not looked at it yet.

3 thoughts on “Do you know the ‘Ologies?”

  1. Very cool! I would say that these would’ve enraptured me as a child, but let’s be honest, I’d still be in love with them as an adult.

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