Book Report: Black Beauty

Black Beauty: The Autobiography of a Horse, by Anna Sewell


Black Beauty: The Autobiography of a Horse

“Black Beauty”, written by Anna Sewell and published in 1887, is a fictional account of a horse’s life.  Written from the perspective of the horse himself, he recounts his different owners and life situations.  The vivid description of his experiences actually led to a change in people’s attitude towards horses and other animals back in the day.  

As a colt, Black Beauty is meant to be a show horse because of his fine breeding.  But this changes quickly when in one place he catches a cold, and in another he has an accident and injures his knee.  Since he is not fit to be a show horse anymore, he is sold to a London cab man.  But when his owner falls sick, he is sold to a hard and cruel man.  After he collapses, he is sold again to a good place where he is recognized as the well bred horse he is.  Throughout these stages of his life, the author shows which kind of treatment benefits horses and what hurts them.


I really loved reading “Black Beauty”.  It’s a beautiful and illustrative book.  The story line is clear, and  Black Beauty is a brave and caring horse.  Anna Sewell is very good at expressing a horse’s  feelings.  The author’s emphasis on the treatment of horses as one of the reasons for their temperament makes this novel so special.  For people who love and work with horses, I would highly recommend “Black Beauty”.

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