Notes: 1-3-2018

The Chinese repression system is not yet available in a HUD.  For our fundamentalist Christian friends, this is how the dreaded Mark of the Beast might function.

A negative score impacts your ability to access government services. The companies you can buy products from (they don’t want to sell to people with low scores). Your friends and the people you can marry (they get a lower score if you have a low score).

Source: China’s Socially Networked Repression – Global Guerrillas

For those who wish their fantasy to be as realistic as possible…

The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy is one of the more visually realistic medieval fantasy films, but just how realistic are the cities and castle like structures?

“Collapse now, avoid the rush.”  ~JMG

The 17 companies below all struggled in 2017. Many of them closed stores, and some have even filed for bankruptcy at least once before. These aren’t the only retailers struggling as we head into 2018, but they are some of the most prominent.

Source: Store closings: 17 retailers on the 2018 death watch

RULE 1: Stay Away From Crowds (via Ol’ Remus)

We avoid cities because cities are crowded.

After a record number of homicides last year, Columbus experienced its first killing just 14 minutes into the New Year.

Source: Columbus records 1st homicide 14 minutes into New Year –


A: Vonu is the condition or quality of, as well as the action of achieving, an invulnerability to coercion.

Source: Start Here | The Vonu Podcast


I knew I liked Ol’ Remus for a reason:

I’ve long believed growing up rural and poor confers a survival advantage not replicable with training or gadgets. Coping with hard work, stress and scarcity aren’t learned on weekends at a hobby retreat.


Lots of talk lately about a mini Ice Age and the like.

Here’s a source:

And here’s a resource you might find handy:

PDF:  U.S. Army Cold Weather Student Handout

Our Celto-Germanic perspective on the situation can be summed up thusly:



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