Ohio Abruptly Ends Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT)

About 12,000 Ohio students are impacted by the abrupt closure of ECOT.

Shooting from the hip this morning.

We’ve been involved in the Homeschooling movement for 27 years, and yet only came to hear of ECOT about three years ago.  It was during a conversation with a neighbor, who allegedly had some sort of experience as a teacher within the local school district. We informed him that we homeschool our children and that we utilize a classical approach.  His immediate response was “Oh, ECOT?”

This was quickly followed with the standard “Don’t forget about socialization!” which displays not only the inability to differentiate between terms socializing and socialization, but also the mistaken assumption that either of the two are best left to the classroom or government school setting.

And setting aside any exploration of the apparent  presuppositions in the ECOT response, he revealed not only his lack of knowledge about what constitutes a classical education but also demonstrated the false equivalence of ECOT to home education.

ECOT is not homeschooling and never was, although we understand that many erroneously considered it homeschooling because it was implemented in a home setting rather than in a classroom.  ECOT was in fact a government education program administered electronically.  And now it is no more.

What we find interesting in the abrupt closure of the ECOT government education program is that, in their quest to find “new educational opportunities” for the 12,000 or so students effected, real homeschooling is not mentioned as an alternative.  Pity, that.

How to legally homeschool in Ohio.

Classical Core Curriculum


The department will help families find new educational opportunities. Options include schools in their home district, schools in neighboring districts that may allow non-residents to attend (“open enrollment” districts), private schools, and community (charter) schools, including online schools.

Source: State to offer assistance to ECOT students looking for a school | WKBN.com

Author: Donald

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