VIDEO: Ulster Sails West

The Scots-Irish did not merely come to America, they became America…

“The Scots-Irish did not merely come to America, they became America, particularly in the South and the Ohio Valley, where their culture overwhelmed the English and German ethnic groups and defined the mores of those regions.  And the irony is that modern America has forgotten who they were (and are) so completely that it is rare to find anyone who can even recognize their ethnic makeup or identify their amazing journey and their singular contribution.”

James Webb, Born Fighting:  How the Scots-Irish Shaped America

 Forged In Ulster

A patriotic take on the Ulster-Scot emigration to North America and how these ‘stubborn people’ shaped the USA and it’s politics. It particularly focuses on the ancestral homes of America’s Scots-Irish Presidents. A vintage 1974 (27 mins) documentary.

Author: Donald

" is a commodity to be bought or not to be bought, a luxury in which we may either indulge or stint ourselves, like any other. And there are many luxuries that we may legitimately prefer to it, such as a grateful conscience, a country life, or the woman of our inclination." ~Robert Louis Stevenson

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