Breed Report: Anglo-Arab

The Anglo-Arab is simply a cross between an Arab and a Thoroughbred.

The Anglo-Arab is simply a cross between an Arab and a Thoroughbred with the aim of combining the best qualities of these two outstanding breeds.  The Anglo-Arab bred in Britain has only these two breeds in its pedigree.  The longer established French Anglo-Arab, in its early evolvement, includes other bloodlines.


ORIGIN: United Kingdom

ENVIRONMENT: Open habitat including grassland, moor and heath

USES: Riding, sports, and racing

HEIGHT: 15.3 to 16.3 hh (63-67 in)

COLORS: Brown, chesnut, and bay



The breed origins of the Arab and the Thoroughbred are well reported and, given the qualities of these two breeds, it was only a matter of time before someone thought to cross the two together.  The first “Anglo-Arabs” were registered simply as part Arabs, although the breed is now recognized separately.



The many permutations afforded by crossing and recrossing between the Thoroughbred  and the Arab mean that the size and stamp of the breed varies.  But generally its appearance favors that of the Thoroughbred, the profile of the head being strait as opposed to concave, with a strong body and good limbs.  The ideal Anglo-Arab should combine the Thoroughbred’s greater speed and scope with the soundness and stamina of the Arab.  Having hotblood parentage from both sides, the Anglo-Arab joins the elite group of hotblood horses.



The Anglo-Arab has proved to be particularly successful in the sport of three-day eventing as well as dressage.

Debby Sly: Encyclopedia of Horses.  Bath, UK 2008, p. 181

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