Nebraska Amish in Andover OH

Featured Image:  Strolling along the shore of Pymatuning lake, Andover, OH.

Interesting post at AmishAmerica linked below about the Amish of Andover, OH. We lived on the outskirts of Andover for about 5 years.  From the looks of the photos the author headed west on Rt. 6 and then north on Rt 7, through an area we refer to affectionately as Yoderville.

If you’re ever in the area make sure to check out the Barn Store in Cherry Valley.  We go there for sacks of wheat, oats, and semolina but they are really known in these parts for the Amish furniture.  Very busy place.  And yes, they have a web site.

Indicentally, when speaking about the concept of Retro-Culture, William S. Lind says the Amish are the model.  We tend to agree.

“What can individuals do to prepare for 4th generation warfare? What can my family do?”  ~The Discarded Image, 1/27/04, By William S. Lind

For more info and some good pictures of Andover Amish, check out the link below.

With Amish found in over 500 locations across North America, you have a decent chance of stumbling across a community while on the road (assuming you stay off the interstate). Don Burke had this happen on a recent road trip when he came upon an unexpected settlement in northeastern Ohio. He shares his passing visit…

via The Amish at Andover, Ohio (15 Photos) — Amish America


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