LINK: “Craftsmanship in Preparedness”

“We need to become craftsmen of preparedness.”

Good stuff.  Read the whole thing.   Collapse Now and Avoid The Rush has been our mantra for a couple of years now too.

We need to become craftsmen of preparedness. We need to accept what a friend of mine, who is in his fifties, ironically, mentioned to me recently, when he heard me using the term “post-industrial” rather than “grid-down.”

“You know, John, you’re right to change the verbiage. ‘Grid-down’ implies that it’s coming back. People don’t get it. When it goes, it’s gone, for good. Certainly for the lifespan of anyone currently alive.”

We need to accept that “WTSHTF” isn’t some hypothetical future catastrophe. We’re in the midst of it. There is no “acid rain-washed, dystopian future.” There’s just “now.” There’s just “normal,” and “normal” is simply “what is.”

Author: Donald

" is a commodity to be bought or not to be bought, a luxury in which we may either indulge or stint ourselves, like any other. And there are many luxuries that we may legitimately prefer to it, such as a grateful conscience, a country life, or the woman of our inclination." ~Robert Louis Stevenson

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