Breed Report: Brandenburger

The development of the Brandenburger breed was greatly influenced by the National Stud at Neustadt, founded by King Frederik Wilhelm The 2nd in 1788.  As horses’ work changed over the years, so did the breed, which was altered to meet the needs of the sporting industry rather than agriculture and transportation.

ORIGIN: Germany

ENVIRONMENT: Open habitat including grassland, moor and heath

USES:  Riding, sports and carriage work

HEIGHT: 16.2 to 17.0 hh ( 66 to 68 in)

COLORS:  Black, brown, chestnut or bay


The aim in breeding the original Brandenburger was to produce a large, strong horse that could carry out all manner of agricultural tasks, but was also smart and light enough to be used as a carriage horse.  By the mid-20th century, the need for such a strong horse was diminishing.  Therefore, breeders turned their attention to refining the breed for the sports-horse market.  Trakehner, Hanoverian, and Thoroughbred blood all aided in this process.  A further injection of quality was introduced in the 1990s using Holsteiner and Selle Français bloodlines.


The Brandenburger is still one of the stronger, larger warmblood breeds.  He has a well-set neck, great strength in his back, loins, and limbs, and a lively but cooperative temperament.  The National Stud at Neustadt (Dosse) is still the main breeding center.



The modern Brandenburger is a multipurpose horse, successful particularly in showjumping and dressage work, but also used for carriage driving as well as pleasure riding.

After the 1990 reunification of West and East Germany, Hanoverian bloodlines were introduced.  In more recent years, the famous “Ladykiller” Holsteiner line as well as the “Cor De La Bryere” Selle Français line has done much to refine the Brandenburger breed.

Debby Sly: Encyclopedia of Horses.  Bath, UK 2008, p. 196




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