Classical Sunday: Music from Shakespeare’s Time

English Renaissance Music

Have you ever been to Shakespeare’s Globe (Theater) in London?  This is the kind of music you are likely to hear there…  Enjoy!


01.What If I Never Speed?
02.Weep You No More Sad Fountains
03.Can She Excuse My Wrongs
04.Come Heavy Sleep
05.Pavan XI
06.Fine Knacks For Ladies
07.Go Crystal Tears 08.If my complaints
09.Come again
10.A shepherd in a shade
11.Rest awhile you cruel cares
13.Clear or cloudy
15.Shall I strive with words to move
16.Praise blindness, eyes
17.Dear, if you change
18.Sleep wayward thoughts
19.The lowest trees have tops
20.Unquiet thoughts
21.My heart and tongue were twins
22.Now O now I Needs Must Part
23.Flow my tears
24.In this trembling shadow
25.Queen Elizabeth’s Galliard
26.Captain Dignore’s Piper
28.Feigh on This Failing
29.Time Stands Still
30.Pavan XXI
31.Melancholy Galliard


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