Speedy Animals: Peregrine Falcon

The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal  ever with a top speed of 200mph!  It hunts by diving at high speed and striking its prey in midair.  The prey is thus stunned, or killed immediately.  Then the peregrine falcon carries it to the nest, or scrape, and eats it there.


And there is a peregrine falcon in the book “My Side of the Mountain” called Frightful.  The book was written by Jean Craighead George.  It’s a great book!

Young peregrine falcons, or eyasses, learn to hunt by pretending that one is the bird or bat and the other chases the other one. But they are very careful that they do not hurt each other.  They eat birds and bats.and live everywhere except in Antarctica.

Sometimes I think I see one in the sky.


Steve Jenkins: Speediest!  19 Very Fast Animals.  New York, NY 2018
Jean Craighead George: My Side of the Mountain. 1959; On the Far Side of the Mountain.  1990; Frightful’s Mountain. 1999.


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