Fun Time

We happen to like the local Deer Park a lot.  So many pretty animals to feed (including deer! see featured), and pet, and ride, and have fun with!  Such a lot of great stuff to do!  So many happy faces!  So many pictures to take!

This is a domestic swan goose, native to eastern Eurasia, and sometimes called a Chinese goose.  It varies from wild type coloring (mostly gray with a dark line down the back of the otherwise white neck) to pure white.  This one was awfully forward.


And here we have a crested porcupine.  It’s a rodent, actually, but I doubt it can climb like its North American cousin.  We saw one of those as well, and climb it did!  No picture of the event, though, so you might doubt it actually happened.  😐

poky pig

Lastly another rodent: a prairie dog, a black-tailed one, I should think.  Cute critters!

prairy dog

But you better not run afoul of the park authorities!

steckbriefe feaured

More pictures to come as time allows.



4 Replies to “Fun Time”

    1. Oh yes, our girls love it every time we go. Great place, not too big, not too small, and we always take Grandma there when she visits from good ol’ Germany. 🙂

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