Breed Report: Colorado Ranger

The Colorado Ranger is a relatively new breed: the result of a breeding program aimed at producing a good cowhorse.  Most of these very pretty Rangers have Appaloosa coloring, but, while many are double registered with Appaloosa breed societies, the Colorado Ranger is not a type of Appaloosa.

ORIGIN:  United States

ENVIRONMENT:  Open habitat including grassland, moor and heath

USES:  Riding and ranch work

HEIGHT:  14.2 to 16.0 hh (58 to 64 in)

COLORS:  Black, brown, dun, gray, bay and palomino


In 1878, two stallions were given to General Grant by the Sultan of Turkey: an Arab called “Leopard” and a Barb called “Linden Tree”.  Two descendants of these stallions, “Patches” and “Max”, became the foundation stock of the Colorado Ranger.  They were bred to working mares on the ranges of Colorado, and their offspring were popular for their often striking spotted colors, agility, and intelligence.  Registered horses are directly descended from either Patches or Max, one and all.

If I had a horse like this, I would name him Sapphire Butterfly.colorado-ranger.jpg  



The Colorado Ranger Horse Association, formed in 1935, keeps meticulous handwritten (!) records of the pedigree and coat pattern of each horse.

Debby Sly: Encyclopedia of Horses.  Bath, UK 2008, p. 207


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