End of July Garden Impressions

Here we are again at the eve of a new month, and I would like to share a few garden impressions.  The bees are buzzing, and other insects as well, the flowers are blossoming, and the vegetable yield is reasonable thus far.  Zucchini are an almost complete failure this year, but cucumbers are plentiful.  Tomatoes are pretty but mostly green still, and we are fairly swimming in Hungarian Wax peppers.  Green beans were another failure – the young plants served as bunny food -, but the second crop might turn out better.  Lettuces are about exhausted, but there will be a second crop as well.  And now, as usual:  Pictures!

Cucumber blossom.  Very much appreciated by the honey bees.

cuke blossom

I wonder if the honey they make tastes like cucumber relish…

breakfast featured

We should probably be worried about this little fellow and his comrades.

should be worried featured

“And what do you want to be when you are a grown-up?”

bud featured

Spearmint blossoms!


First fall colors:  reddish sunflower

sunflower featured

Here is a window of opportunity:  A row prepared for succession planting.

window of opportunity

I think we have enough yellow flowers everywhere to scare off even the hardiest of the Moorfolk.

lots of yello insta


buzzzz featured


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