August Is Here!

Sweet August doth appear!

Welcome to the Harvest Month!

Fairest of months!  ripe Summer’s Queen
The hey-day of the year
With robes that gleam with sunny sheen,
Sweet August doth appear.

~ Rev. Combe Miller (1745–1814)

Have a look at the August sky.  We took the picture from a post on The Old Farmer’s Almanac.


They also provided this printable sky map, just in case you want it on paper so you can take it outside when you go star gazing.  Don’t you love star gazing?  We sure do!

edith august cropped


Edith Holden loved August flowers, but she also mentions the dark side of August, primarily the thunderstorms.  The poem below closes her chapter on August in her “Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady“, and it is a sad one indeed.  Our oldest daughter loved it, and so she typed it out for y’all to enjoy:

Golden Rowan of Menolowan
‘She lived where the mountains go down to the sea,

And river and tide confer,
Golden Rowan of Menolowan,
Was the name they gave to her.

She had the soul no circumstance,
Can hurry or defer,
Golden Rowan of Menolowan,
How time stood still for her!

Her playmates for their lovers grew,
But that shy wanderer,
Golden Rowan of Menolowan,
Knew love was not for her.

Hers was the love of wilding things,
To hear a squirrel chirr,
In the golden rowan of Menolowan
Was joy enough for her.

She sleeps on the hill with the lonely sun,
Where in the days that were,
The golden rowan of Menolowan,
So often shadowed her.

The scarlet fruit will come to fill,
The scarlet spray to stir,
The golden rowan of Menolowan,
And wake no dream for her.

Only the wind is over her grave,
For mourner and comforter,
And ‘Golden Rowan of Menolowan”
Is all we know of her. 

by Bliss Carmen (1861 – 1929)

It appears as though Mr. Carman, whose name dear Edith seems to have misspelled, was a true poet who loved poetry for the sake of its beauty, and did not sacrifice his talent on the altar of Mammon.  It was said about him that “he never attempted to secure his income by novel writing, popular journalism, or non-literary employment.  He remained a poet, supplementing his art with critical commentaries on literary ideas, philosophy, and aesthetics.”  And reading tours, it would seem.

The other two girls just found “Tiny Toad” – look, isn’t she the cutest little thing?  She’s not much bigger than my thumbnail!


Lastly, our maple and sour gum trees are producing some pretty, colorful leaves already.  Featured is a picture of a maple leaf one of our girls found and took today.


Author: Anne

~ In the right order of nature, the flesh is subject to the spirit and not the reverse. ~ The Cloud of Unknowing

4 thoughts on “August Is Here!”

    1. Oh yes, I forgot about the meteors! Looked it up and found that “The meteor shower’s peak will be visible both the nights of Aug. 11-12 and Aug. 12-13”, or so they say at (
      The girls love toads, and we sure have many of them, big and small. And with the toads go the slugs, and come the snakes, haha. But since we have hardly any dangerous snakes around here, they are just as welcome. 🙂

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