Busy Busy Busy

Do you get like that?  Busy busy busy and no time for anything than being busy?  Well, maybe you can sit down for a minute, literally, 58 seconds, relax, and watch someone else being busy busy busy.  Here is a short video of the honey bees who moved into one of the maple trees on the property a few months ago.  They are loaded with yellow and orange pollen:

The orange pollen is an indication that fall is coming.  Got to wonder how much honey they have stashed away in that tree by now!

Other indicators that fall is approaching can be found in the apple tree:

apple featured

We have not seen any European hornets this year, but then again, they usually wait until the apples are really nice and ripe, and then have their feast.  We posted a few pictures of them last year.

Also, we harvested a bit of this crop again, but found out later that this time, we were a bit late:  Stinging nettles are very tasty just sauteed in butter, but once they developed flowers, they are hard on the kidneys, or so they say.  So you better get to them before that.  But seriously, of all the so-called bitter greens – Swiss chard, kale, dandelion greens, nettles and the like – our absolute favorite are stinging nettles.  Once you harvested them, you blanch them in boiling water so they won’t sting anymore, and then cut them to the size you prefer and throw them in a sauce pan with some butter.  Let them get soft, and enjoy them.  We often eat soup – carrot soup, for example – and a few nettles thrown in when the soup is already in your bowl is quite delicious and adds texture.

nettle harvest featured

And here are a few pictures to enjoy, just because beauty is such a wonderful thing.

First, leaves on the apple tree im Gegenlicht:

gegenlicht featured

Two Zinnias:

zinnia featured


horse fly

And a much smaller bug on a Black-eyed Susan.  I think he was just doing his daily stoutness-exercises when I came along with the camera.

flower and bug insta

There’s that for today.  Make sure you don’t get too busy!  We all have the same amount of time, you know, 24/7, to be exact, and it is up to us to make time for the right stuff.




4 Replies to “Busy Busy Busy”

  1. If you are talking about busy bees and other insects, I love to take some time out and relax. But if I see other people working, I cannot relax, because my ingrained conscience does not let me relax. Luckily, your video showed how hard the bees were at work. Haha!

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