Classical Sunday: Celtic Harp

Escape civilization for an hour.

Maybe not technically classical, but surely enjoyable harp music with lots of familiar melodies.  Escape civilization for an hour…

Painting: “The Madness Tristan” by Edward Burne-Jones

Celtic Harp – Traditional Melodies

01 – Scarborough Fair
02 – Greensleeves
03 – The Lamb´s Fold
04 – The Willow Tree
05 – Mary Young and Fair
06 – All Through the Night
07 – Drink to me Only With Thin Eyes
08 – The Rising of the Lark
09 – My Love is like a Red Red Rose
10 – The Queen´s Marsh
11 – Flowers of The Forest
12 – The Foggy Dew
13 – Gather Ye Rose Buds
14 – Harp of Gold
15 – Cornish Dance
16 – Teh Silkie
17 – The Last Rose of Summer
18 – The Minstrel Boy
19 – The Harp the Once Through Tara´s Hall
20 – Carolan´s Nightcap – Ode to Whiskey
21 – Leuan´s, The Blind Harpist´s Delight
22 – Scottish Love Song
23 – Eris Kay Love Lilt

Author: Anne

~ In the right order of nature, the flesh is subject to the spirit and not the reverse. ~ The Cloud of Unknowing

4 thoughts on “Classical Sunday: Celtic Harp”

    1. I was struck yesterday by the number of people that commented on this video on YouTube stating that they were sooo born in the wrong age and how this music takes them to a time where they surely would feel more at home….

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