Tis the Season: An Ulster Scots Ghost Story

This is the story o’ Stumpy’s Brae

And the murderer’s fearful fate.

Young friend, your face is turned that way,

You’ll be ganging the night that gate.

Stumpy’s Brae, or The Legend of Tom the Toiler

Set in rural Ulster in the early 1700’s, this drama is an Ulster-Scots ghost story based on the poem by Cecil Francis Alexander.

Poem can be found at derryghosts.com/stumpy.htm

Author: Donald

"...money is a commodity to be bought or not to be bought, a luxury in which we may either indulge or stint ourselves, like any other. And there are many luxuries that we may legitimately prefer to it, such as a grateful conscience, a country life, or the woman of our inclination." ~Robert Louis Stevenson

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