Remembering Our Ancestors: Irene Lethie Lindsey

A decade ago today, our grandma Irene Lethie Lindsey died.  She was born 20 December 1911 in Amanda, Fairfield Co., Ohio, and she lived all her life in the area.  She married Lorain Franklin Denney in 1930 and they settled on a farm practically across the street from her parent’s place.  He raised hogs, and they had the small abundance that gives so much satisfaction in life.  She cooked on a wood-burning stove, and loved to sit on the porch of an evening and snack on ice chips which she knocked off an ice cube with the back of a spoon, while Grandpa Lorain peeled sour apples which he ate with a dash of salt, and whittled away with his pocket knife.

Read what the family had to say about her and Lorain when they had their 60th wedding anniversary.  This was published in the Lancaster Eagle Gazette:

Grandma Irene wood chopper

Rest in Peace, Grandma Irene.


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