Welcome Advent With Us!

Do you have an Advent calendar?  A few years ago a dear friend sent us an online Advent calendar as a gift, and ever since, we are hooked!  The scene below is from said calendar; this year, it is set in Edinburgh.  The fun starts tomorrow!

Screenshot 2018-11-30 at 7.45.41 AM

And since it snowed this past week, we have the bird feeders out and filled again.  It didn’t take our feathered friends long at all to find them.  Here’s one:


And how about it, do you fast in any way, shape or form in the four weeks leading up to Christmas?  In any case, we have just under a month to go until the Winter Solstice and Christmas: Enjoy the darkest, lightest weeks of the year!



8 Replies to “Welcome Advent With Us!”

    1. So far I restricted that to Lent, too, but this year, I’m doing a caffeine-fast during Advent as well. Will surely make the first coffee on Christmas morning something quite special…

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      1. i have done caffeine fasts before, and after the first day or two of significant headaches, it works out fairly well. To be honest, it worries me that my body reacts so strongly to the absence of caffeine, so I feel all the more need for somewhat regular abstinence from it… As in, it’s good not to be dependent on substances, legal or otherwise.

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