Remembering Our Ancestors: Lorain Franklin Denney

Here’s to (Great-) Grandpa Denney!  This week is just the time to remember him especially because both his birth date and his death date fall in this week.

Lorain Franklin Denney was born on January 23, 1907, in Arbuckle, Mason County, West Virginia, a little speck of a place just south of Leon along the Kanawha River, a tributary to the Ohio river.  Yes, that’s Mothman Country, so The Daughter’s interest in such things is quite understandable.  Grandpa’s middle name Franklin was given to him, not by his parents, but by his dear wife Irene, or so we are told, because she thought a man should have a middle name, indeed, and Lorain didn’t come with one.

Growing up with five brothers and eight sisters, Lorain moved to Fairfield County, Ohio when he was in his early 20s.  There, he eventually bought a farm and earned his living as a hog farmer on his own land.  He married Irene Lethie Lindsey on May 28, 1930, and they had four children, three girls and one boy.  All three of his daughters are still alive, but his son he had to bury about half a year before he was called home himself.

Lorain and Irene had what one might call a small abundance on their farm.  They raised their hogs, grew feed for them, and also had a kitchen garden, of course.  They had their independence and were upstanding members of their community:  He served as a Madison Township trustee for many years, and they were members of Mt. Carmel United Church of Christ in Clearport, OH, where Irene had actually been a lifelong member.  Once someone took an aerial photo of the farm in which one could actually see Grandpa walking through the fields, his little dog Pokey trotting at his heels.  We would have loved to share it with you, but alas!, we don’t have it.

Grandpa Lorain Denney died on January 26, 1997, in Lancaster, Ohio, full of days at the age of 90, and was buried in Amanda, Ohio.  Grandma Irene was to live another 11 years and die in 2008 at the age of 96, but I believe we mentioned this already elsewhere.

The featured image was taken on Lorain and Irene’s 60th wedding anniversary on March 28th, 1990.  The image is a little misleading in terms of height, since it looks as though Grandpa was shorter than Grandma.  On the contrary: He was a tall, lanky gentleman, and she a very short lady!  Going by the picture, Grandpa probably sat, while Grandma was standing by his side.

Rest in Peace, Grandpa Denney.


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