Classical Sunday: Peter and the Wolf

“Shall I tell you a story?”

Sergei Prokofiev / Peter Ustinov / Herbert von Karajan, 1960: Peter And The Wolf

Granted, there surely are better quality recordings out there, but only technically:  Who can surpass the combo Ustinov/Karajan?  Enjoy half an hour of story-telling on this cold January Sunday.


10 Replies to “Classical Sunday: Peter and the Wolf”

  1. One of my absolute favorites from childhood! We’re heading off to the symphony this afternoon — Rachmaninoff’s 1st Piano Concerto — and I’m looking forward to that, of course. Our KC Symphony is also doing a performance of Peter and the Wolf next month. I thought about taking one of our younger grandsons, but I’m not sure he could sit still for the performance, so I didn’t get tickets. Instead, I’ll just listen to your link today! Thank you for sharing it.

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  2. Oh, happy memories, both of playing Peter in a school performance of the piece when I was a small boy and then of sharing it with my own children. I think it is a classic that will delight children (of all ages! ) for generations to come.

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    1. Making memories… Isn’t it interesting how little time means when decades-old memories still make us smile today, how little space means when such memories instantly take us back to where we were then, and also, to who we were?

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