Alafosslopi: Socks-to-Be

Icelandic wool – if you are a knitter, you just got to love it.  Yesterday we were happy to receive a couple of skeins from a Swedish company called Grimfrost.  Now I am looking forward to turning said skeins into something nice and warm for next winter, or possibly for the cold days still to come this season, for spring surely hasn’t sprung yet in our neck of the woods.  Got a good sock pattern to share, anyone?

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Alafosslopi, Acorn and Light Indigo

12 Replies to “Alafosslopi: Socks-to-Be”

  1. Looks like nice yarn. I learned to knit socks a couple years ago. It was s little tricky on my first pair understanding the heel but I’ve since mastered heel snd learned how to do toe up which I like better. I haven’t done many intricate patterns just basic vanilla sock. I do change up on different heels. I have s pair on my needles now and lots of sock yarn in the drawer.

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    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by. I am sure this stuff will knit nicely. Thanks also for the heads-up concerning the heel. 🙂


    1. You know, this is my first pair, too, but I found this wonderful pdf online that explains it all very well, and I am amazed at how easy knitting socks actually is. Are you interested in the link?


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