Monsters of the World: Nue

Pretty creepy, I say!

Found only in remote areas of Japan, the Nue with its monkey-like head and tiger-like legs is regarded as a bringer of bad luck.  This is most likely due to the black venomous cloud it emits from under its snaky tail when disturbed.

Pretty creepy, I say!


4 thoughts on “Monsters of the World: Nue”

    1. I don’t know if it’s related to El Chupacabra, but that might be something to investigate! It might be related to Bigfoot or something like that, too. Well, they have linked Bigfoot to gorillas, after all. But it might be related to the Greek Chimera, because it has lions paws and, like the Chimera, a tail that is a snake. Can you tell I like the paranormal and Cryptozoology?


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