Remembering Our Ancestors: John Wise

Today we remember our 9th (and 10th) great-grandfather John Wise, one of our ancestors who lived in what is today the UK.  This year on the equinox, he would have been 361 years old!

John Wise was born on 20 March 1658, somewhere in England, most probably in the south-east.  He married Eliza Drigee and they had at least one daughter together, Susanna.  John died in 1718 in Bix, Oxfordshire, England, at the age of 60.

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John’s daughter Susanna Wise was born in September 1700 in London, England.  She married Andrew Speer, who was also born in 1700 in Middlesex, which today belongs to Greater London, and they both immigrated to the colonies in America at some time before 1730, to what is today Surry county in North Carolina.  There, their daughter Elizabeth Wise Speer was born in 1731.  She, in turn, married Job Felton on September 15, 1786, and their daughter Sally Wise Felton was born there as well in 1751.  She married Azariah Denny in 1776 in her hometown.  The Denny’s had lived on Pilot Creek under Pilot Mountain for a while, and Azariah and Sally are buried there as well, while some of their sons moved further west into Ohio and Indiana.

The interesting thing about this branch of the Denney-line is that the surnames “Wise” and “Felton” remained in the family as middle names for several generations, not only in the daughters mentioned above, but also in several descendants of Sally and Azariah, boys and girls alike.

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