Remembering Our Ancestors: Susannah Long

Family rumor has it that Susannah Long, wife of Harvey Hamilton Lindsey and mother of 17 children, was part Native American, but our research has not corroborated it.  Then again, we know comparatively little about the Long branch of the family, so maybe the rumors are true after all.

Susannah Long was born on 12 September 1870 in Hocking County, Ohio, to Isaac E. Long and Anna Tatman.  We have four later possible birth years for her on file, but the earliest seems most likely to us since on 29 March 1889 at the age of 18, she married Harvey Hamilton Lindsey in Clearport, Ohio.  Their first son Archibald was born in early June of 1890; you can see him in the featured image standing in the back row in the middle.  Our (great-)grandmother Irene Lethie was Susannah’s 13th child, born in 1911.

Susannah Long
Susannah Long (1870–1966). Her first name has been spelled “Suzanne” as well.

The family lived in Fairfield County, OH, while Susannah’s parents seem to have settled in Indiana.  They are buried there.

Susannah’s husband Harvey Hamilton died in 1943, but she lived for another 23 years before she was called home on 11 June 1966.  She was laid to rest in Hopewell Cemetery in Madison Township, Ohio.

Rest in Peace, Great-Grandma Lindsey.

Susannah Long 2
Susannah Lindsey at approximately 59 years.

The featured family photo was taken in or around 1929, most likely in Fairfield County, Ohio.  Our great-grandmother Irene, then aged 17, is standing behind her father.  We assume the occasion was Harvey Hamilton and Susannah’s 40th wedding anniversary.


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  1. In her latter years she was cared for by her son Lloyd and his wife Leona. Blind and prone to communicating primarily with a cow bell, she was described as “cantankerous” by Leona, who was herself a sweet little old lady.

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