Remembering Our Ancestors: Felix Christman

Felix Christman, born in 1733, was a first generation American-born Christman.  In the “Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Chester County”, it says about the Christman’s:

The family is of German origin, tracing its ancestry back to the Fatherland, from whence came Daniel Christman in the good ship Alexander, William Clymer, master, ” from Rotterdam, last from Cowes,” as the vessel’s report shows. He landed in America September 5, 1730, and settled in Worcester township, then part of Philadelphia county, but now comprised in the county of Montgomery. He afterward removed to Frederick township, Montgomery county, where he died. He was a fanner by occupation, a member of the Lutheran church, and his remains lie entombed at Leedy’s burying-ground in Frederick township.

His children were : Anna E., married Johannes Grobb in December, 1749, and lived in East Coventry township, this county ; Felix, born in 1733, and removed to Vin- cent township; Elizabeth, born in 1734; Jacob, born in 1737, and died February 27, 1804; George, born in 1739, was a farmer, and lived in Frederick township, Montgomery county; and Henry , who was born in Frederick township, that county, in 1744.

Daniel Christman’s son Felix was our 5th (and 6th) great-grandfather.  His parents had immigrated to the colonies from southern Germany, from the Kaiserslautern area in Rhineland-Palate and north-western Bavaria respectively.  It appears as though Daniel and his wife Elizabeth, born Haas, married in the New World in 1730, so we do not know if Felix’s parents came on the same ship or if they met after they had arrived in Pennsylvania separately.

Felix married Rebecca Melchior on 19 August 1760 in Pennsylvania.  As far as we know, they had only one child during their marriage, our direct ancestor John Christman.  As seems likely given his age, Felix fought in the Revolutionary War, and survived!

Felix died on 18 June 1795 in Chester Township, Pennsylvania, thirteen years after his wife, at the age of 62.

Rest in Peace, Great-grandpa Felix.  We hope your life was as happy as your name indicates.

Featured image: Blacksmith in Marshallton, Chester County, PA


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