Cultured Wednesday: Inness’ June

Before June is all over, we would like to introduce you to George Inness and his painting titled June.

June George Inness
June by George Inness, created around 1882

George Inness is an interesting 19th century landscape painter, influenced by all the people whose paintings we like anyway (like the Hudson River School), who ended up developing an original and uniquely American style in his 40 years of painting.  He was born in Newburgh, NY in 1825 and died in Scotland in 1894, and in between, he painted 1,000 paintings and made quite the name for himself.

In an interview published in 1878, he said: “The true use of art is, first, to cultivate the artist’s own spiritual nature.”  His abiding interest in spiritual and emotional considerations (it continues in his Wiki entry) did not preclude Inness from undertaking a scientific study of color, nor a mathematical, structural approach to composition: “The poetic quality is not obtained by eschewing any truths of fact or of Nature…  Poetry is the vision of reality.”

Let me invite you to study the painting presented above with a statement like this in mind.  Poetry, and by extension all creative art in its best form, demonstrates the “reality of the unseen” and connects the “visible upon the invisible.”


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