Remembering Our Ancestors: Donald E. Denney

It was yesterday 23 years ago that our father and grandfather moved on to another place after a rare and short illness, and we do not see him here anymore.

When Donald Eugene Denney was born on 22 February 1934 in Fairfield County, Ohio, his father Lorain was 27 and his mother Irene was 22.  He was their first son, and the third of their four children.  The featured image shows him in 1935.

Donald E Denney as a boy
Young Donald Eugene in 1941 or 1942

Most of his life, Donald Eugene lived in Southern Ohio, in the area of Lancaster.  He married three times, and had two sons.

Donald E Denney 1975 Sixth Ave. UM Church
1975, while working for the Sixth Ave. UM Church

His father was a hog farmer, but Donald Eugene did not take up farming when he was an adult.  For a long time, he worked the early shift at Alten’s Foundry and did a good many other jobs besides, some of them along with his sons.  This photo shows him in the mid 1970s when he was working a janitorial job for the United Methodist Church on Sixth Ave in Lancaster.

Every Saturday, he visited his parents or called them, as long as he lived.  They lived in Amanda, not far from Chicken Coop Hill Road in the foothills outside of Lancaster where Donald Eugene had settled with his family.  Both his parents lived longer than he did, and his wife as well as his three sisters are all still alive to this day.

Life wasn’t exactly easy for him, but he surely never lost his humor.

Donald Eugene all dressed up in August of 1990

Donald Eugene died on 11 July 1996 in Lancaster, Ohio, at the age of 62, and was laid to rest in Saint Paul Lutheran Cemetery in North Berne, Ohio.

Rest in Peace, Dad.  You are by no means forgotten.

grave marker DED




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