Cultured Wednesday: Mønsted’s Sunset Over a Forest Lake

Most of Peder Mørk Mønsted’s landscapes were devoted to Scandinavia.

Peder Mørk Mønsted (10 December 1859 – 20 June 1941) was a Danish realist painter who is best known for his landscape paintings, and a 1995 exhibition of his work bore the very fitting title “Light of the North”.  His Sunset Over a Forest Lake beautifully illustrates how someone can come up with such a title.

Mønsted Forest Lake

For us, his art shows how, and why, painting is superior to photography.  There is a depth in these realistic scenes that might have something to do with the time spent painting, something photography is lacking.  And while there surely is artistic photography even in this digital age where very little skill is required to create a “stunning” picture, it does not compare to the artistic expression in paint on canvas.

Let us invite you to sit quietly by the above forest lake for a spell, or, if you don’t feel like sitting, accompany the young lady and her cow below to the river.   Take your time.

Peder Mørk Mønsted
Peder Mørk Mønsted: By the Rriver 1908

Author: Anne

~ In the right order of nature, the flesh is subject to the spirit and not the reverse. ~ The Cloud of Unknowing

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