Remembering Our Ancestors: Austin and Susan Andrews

Austin Andrews

Austin Calvin Andrews was born on 13 February 1839 in Ellington, Connecticut.  As a young man in his early 20s,  Austin enlisted as a private in Company F, 4th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry on 13 September 1861 in Celina, Ohio. He was promoted to sergeant in April 1863.  He re-enlist in his unit as a veteran on 4 January 1864 at Pulaski, Tennessee, and he was mustered out on 15 July 1865 at Nashville, Tennessee.

After the war was over, he married Susan C. Alderman on 5 May 1866 in Ohio.  They had 13 children in 22 years; their son Frank was our 2nd and 3rd great-grandfather.  The family settled in Trimble, OH.

Austin died two days after his wife Susan’s 54th birthday on 28 September 1900 in Athens, Ohio at the age of 61, while she lived for another 32 years in the house of one of her many children.

Susan Andrews

Susan C. Alderman was born on 26 September 1846 in Morgan County, Ohio.  She lost her mother when she was 13 and her father when she was 16, the latter possibly in the Civil War for he was only 51 when he died in 1863.  It is hard to say how she managed for the next three years since we know nothing further about possible siblings or maybe grandparents that were still alive, but manage she did, for she married Austin Calvin when she was 19.  For a while, they had one child each year before the births spaced out a little more, with her oldest son born in 1867 and her youngest daughter in 1889.

After the death of her husband, Susan lived for another 32 years in the house of one of her many children.  She died on 13 July 1932 in Trimble, Ohio at the age of 85 and was buried with her husband in Hollister in Athens County, Ohio.

Rest in Peace, Grandpa and Grandma Andrews.  You surely saw restless times enough to be happy about some quiet now.

Austin Calvins headstone
Austin Calvin Andrew’s grave in Johnson Cemetery, Hollister, Athens Co, Ohio

5 Replies to “Remembering Our Ancestors: Austin and Susan Andrews”

  1. My grandparents were Jessie Andrews daughter of Austin C. Andrews and David John Edwards son of David John Edwards of Athens Co. Ohio. My father was Austin David Edwards, named after his father and grandfather. He shares a remarkable resemblance to Susan, his grandmother.

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    1. That makes us 2nd cousins twice removed! How nice that you found us. 🙂 Do you happen to have more picture of Austin and Susan?


      1. Lol! For many years my family had very little information on the Andrews/Edwards ancestors. The only thing we had to go on was a list of names of what my mother knew. I tried several years ago researching online but the names never matched up until a couple of days ago. No one in my family has any pictures of Austin or Susan. I have a picture of Jessie and a picture of my father with his younger brother Royd.

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      2. Are you on I saw a picture of Austin D Edwards in uniform there, WWII no doubt, and I found the Andrews going waaaay back and rather well documented there.
        Incidentally, were you born in Glouster, OH, and if so, do you remember the Christman family of Glouster, OH? They are our maternal direct (great-grand-) parents via Alice Andrews (a niece of Jesse’s) who married Dallas Christman.
        They should be your 1st cousins. I got posts on this site about both of them, Alice and Dallas.


  2. Thank you so very much! I have been visiting Grandfather Austin’s grave with my children for years wondering what he looked like. He was my oldest known ancestor of my name (Andrews), because tracking his parents down has been my objective for two decades. His son Loren (B:1869) is my Great-Great Grandfather. I would love to connect sometime! Finding this, & your work, has been a rush of emotion for me!


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