Herbal Household Remedies: Less Is More

Not exactly new or original, but surely one of the most helpful principles in life is the principle of subtraction.  Here are a few things you need less of in order to gain more health all around.

  • Less soaps, shampoos, cremes and cosmetics: Everything we use to clean, cream, perfume or “gussy up” ourselves is based on chemicals anymore, and for the most part, they are harmful to the body or the environment, or both.  Give your hair and your skin a break!  Use natural, herb-based bar soaps for hair and body, coconut oil for your teeth and your skin, and say good-bye to cosmetics.  Your body, your bank account and the world you live in will be thankful.
  • Less stress: Do less.  Stop running around from one event to another and let your car sit in the garage instead.  Get some rest and enough sleep for once.  If you feel like going out, enjoy a stroll outside.  Look at the trees, or the stars.  Life takes place where you are, right now.
  • Less fast food:  Don’t run out for food every day.  It doesn’t take much to come up with a menu for a week, and thus to reduce your trips to the grocery store to one a week.  It also doesn’t take much to cook from scratch, and you will soon notice how much better you feel without all the excess salt, fat, sugar and chemicals that fast food is loaded with.  The time it takes to hop in the car and drive to the nearest fast food restaurant is better spent in your kitchen.  Be good to yourself for once.  Take control of your meals, and start growing herbs on your window sill.
  • Less screen time:  Look at something natural for a change.  Talk to the people that are with you, rather than those in your device.  Step away from virtual reality:  If the grid fails, it will all be gone for good anyway.  And don’t let the talking heads on the TV invade your living room any longer with their endless stream of opinion and advice.  Surely you know best how to live your life.

All and any of these will significantly improve your life.  Pinky Promise.

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