Remembering Our Ancestors: William Snider

Our 3rd (and 4th) Great-Grandfather William Snider appears to have spent most of his life in Hocking County, Ohio, and was laid to rest at the end of his life in the Snider Farm Cemetery, which is, as the name implies, the cemetery belonging to the Snider farm where our (Great-)Grandfather Christman was laid out in 1944 because he had been married to Naomi Snyder, great-granddaughter of William.  Incidentally: Naomi’s generation appears to have been the first Snyder generation to exchange the “i” in the family name for the more American “y”.  The Schneider/Snider/Snyders had come from south-eastern Germany to the New World in the mid-18th century.

However that may be, William Snider was born on 6 November 1836 in Green County, Ohio, the 7th of 8 children.  His mother Ada died only two years after his birth, probably in childbirth when William’s younger sister Jamima was born, or shortly thereafter.  It appears that the baby girl did not live, either.  Ada’s grave seems to be the oldest identifiable grave in the Snider Farm cemetery.  But little William did not grow up without a mother: His father married again after a short time, and five more children were born in the Snider household.

When he was 25, William married Malissa Jane Calentine on 13 April 1862.  The two had 15 children together, nine girls and six boys.  We find it significant that William and Malissa named one of their daughters Jemima – everyone only called her Mamie – and one of them Addie, probably after his mother.  Their first son Charles was our 2nd great-grandfather.

Chances are good that William and Malissa lived on or close to the Snider farm.  Unlike his older brother Jacob Jr., William had no involvement in the American Civil War, and it is likely that he farmed the Snider farm all his working years, even if he was not the oldest son.

In May of 1903, William’s wife Malissa died.  It appears that he was not very much inclined to stick around much longer after that, and on 30 October 1903, a week before his 67th birthday, he died as well.  Both of them lie buried in the Snider Farm Cemetery.

Rest in Peace, Grandpa William.

Grave marker William and Malissa Snider.jpg


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