Herbal Household Remedies: Potatoes

Potato plaster can help with inflammations and infections on and under the skin.

Potatoes are tasty and versatile, and together with apples a favorite staple in our diet.  But the good old tuber is not only good fried, boiled or roasted, it also has qualities that your health can benefit from in other ways.  One of them is a potato plasters which can reduce inflammations caused by sprains, contusions, burns, fractures, arthritis, neuralgia and eczema.

The same plaster can be used to draw our purulent matter from boils, abscesses, infected acne, carbuncles, infected cysts and the like.  The idea is that the plaster draws the pus towards the surface, much like Bentonite clay does.

If you want to apply a potato plaster, it helps to not be alone.  If you happen to be alone, make sure you have access to warm water easily while the plaster is on because it dries out and will need to be moistened frequently.

Potato Plaster
to be applied for three and a half hours


  • peeled and grated raw potatoes
  • half as much coarsely chopped green vegetable leaves (spinach, cabbage or radish)
  • white flour, 10% of the vegetable mass
  • a little ice cold water
  • olive oil to rub on the skin


Peel and grate raw potatoes and mix them with half as much coarsely chopped leafy greens (cabbage, spinach or radish).  To this wet mass add 10% white flour.  Then slowly add icy cold (never warm) water, just enough to make it a consistent mass that’s neither runny nor lumpy.

If you have sensitive or dry skin, rub a little olive oil on the effected area before applying the plaster as it dries out the skin.  Then apply the paste to the inflamed area, directly on the skin.  Cover with a clean cloth and tie securely with a bandage.

Recline and leave the paste on for three and a half hours.  When the paste dries out, which occurs frequently during this time, add warm water to make it moist again.  This will make the removal process more comfortable.

When the plaster is off, rinse the skin with warm water.


Disclaimer: The author is not an medical professional, nutritionist, or dietitian. Content on this website is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to substitute for legal or medical advice, or medical treatment or diagnosis. Consult your health care provider if you are experiencing any symptoms and before using any herbal product or beginning a new health regimen. When wildcrafting or foraging for plants, do so ethically; be accompanied by an expert; and always have absolute certainty of plant identification before using or consuming any herbs. By using any or all of this information, you do so at your own risk. Any application of the material provided is at the reader’s discretion and is his or her sole responsibility.


Author: Anne

~ In the right order of nature, the flesh is subject to the spirit and not the reverse. ~ The Cloud of Unknowing

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