Remembering Our Ancestors: Six Grandfathers and Grandmothers

February 13th is a big day in our family: No less than six of our grandfathers and grandmothers were either born or baptized, or died on this day in history.

Elizabeth Williams, 8th and 9th great-grandmother in the Andrews-line.
She was born on 13 February 1703 in Colchester, CT and married Nathaniel Kellogg on 1 July 1725.  Elizabeth passed away on 1 April 1762 in East Windsor, CT and thus lived to be 59 years old.

Abraham Vanderpool Sr., 7th and 8th great-grandfather in the Denney-line.
He was baptized on 13 February 1709 in Albany, NY and married Rebecca Isaacs around 1744.  Abraham Sr. passed away in 1778 in Washington, TN when he was 69 years old.

Eliphalet Chidester, 6th and 7th great-grandfather in the Snyder-line.
He was born on 12 January 1749 in Morris, NJ and married Mary Pence in Virginia. Eliphalet died on 13 February 1821 in Bruceton Mills, WV at the age of 72.

IMG_2245 - Edited

Robert Andrews, 6th and 7th great-grandfather in the Andrews-line, obviously.
He was born 17 March 1759 in Coventry, CT, the son of Lt. Robert Andrews and Delight Kellogg, and married Eunice Needham on 18 April 1781 in Brimfield, MA.  Robert died on 13 February 1838, also in Brimfield, when he was 78 years old.

Catherine McFarland, 5th and 6th great-grandmother in the Fouts-line.
She was born on 13 February 1786 in Belmont, OH, the daughter of Irish immigrants, and married John Phillips on 12 September 1809.  Catherine died young, on 31 August 1824 at the age of 38, in Barnesville, OH.

Austin Calvin Andrews, 3rd and 4th great-grandfather in the Andrews-line, evidently.
He was born on 13 February 1839 in Ellington, CT, and married Susan C. Alderman on 5 May 1866 in Ohio.  Austin died on 28 September 1900 in Athens, OH, being then 61 years of age.

IMG_2253 - Edited (2)



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