Barbie Adventures: Meet the dos Santos Family

This is the dos Santos family.  When the above picture was taken, they were at Great Wood National Park, OH.

The dos Santos Family:

Magnus, 24 yrs old:

Magnus is an artist who paints for an art museum, likes dogs, trees, and especially his daughter Vicky.  He does not like mosquitoes at ALL.  Magnus enjoys going on vacations with his family to Ohio or the Amazon River, and also makes board games and reads out loud to Victoria.  When he was a boy, he carved little dogs from wood and played with them when he wasn’t shooting his BB gun, scaring off bunnies.  Magnus owns a short haired chestnut Chihuahua named Tipper .

Antonia (née Azúl), 23 yrs old:

Antonia is a passionate home baker and teacher who likes cooking, pizza, and stuffies (commonly known as stuffed pets).  She hates spoiled pork tenderloins, as you can imagine!  In her spare time, she plays with Victoria, bakes cupcakes, and writes stories.  Strawberry, Antonia’s white long-haired cat, always lies under the kitchen table when the oven is on and tasty smells waft through the house.  When Antonia was little, she had at least 200 dolls which she collected herself.

Their Daughter Victoria Aethelflaed, 3 yrs old:

Victoria, or Vicky for short, likes dolls, bouncy balls, and dogs, but she does not like Neapolitan Mastiffs.  When she grows up, Victoria wants to be a dog breeder!  Her favorite foods are pizza and hamburgers.
Vicky has 2 friends:  Alyssa Neana and Coral Oyster, whom you will meet in a later post.

Antonia’s Mother:

“Whee!” Riding in Hana’s car is fun!

Mrs. Lea (née Calcetín) Azúl, 43 yrs old: 

Mrs. Azúl is a retired jeweler who likes jewelry, of course, old times, and bean soup, and hates Elvis music.  When she was 18, she got her first car and as a result, likes to ride in Hana’s car.  Hana and her sister Kimi are friends of the dos Santos family whom you will hear about in a later post.
As you can imagine, Mrs. Lea loves to play with her granddaughter Vicky.

Antonia’s Sister:

“What a nice spring breeze!”

Rosette Azúl, 18 yrs old:

Rosette is a famous prima ballerina who has danced Juliet in Romeo and Juliet and Odette/ Odile in Swan Lake.  She likes classical music – obviously! -, Pom pups, and cheeseburger pizza, but she hates Depreepy music with a hateful hate!  Her lyrics of her most hated song are: “Roast Beef…… And soo on it goes, On and on, On and on!”  She thinks it is CrAzY!  In her spare time she plays the flute with Anty (Antonia) and Mag-Tag (Magnus).  When Rosette was two years old, she rode a motorcycle!

In our next post, we will introduce some of Antonia’s and Magnus’ friends.


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