Herbal Household Remedies: Reconsidering Over-Socializing

No herb talk today – again! – because I have something else on my mind.  In these days of virus fear and quarantine, people are told to practice ‘social distancing’, even that social distancing is something they might have to continue practicing after the immediate threat of this virus has passed.  It seems that the term ‘social distancing’ has become something dreaded, as though life were over when one cannot freely socialize (or travel, for that matter) anymore.

Maybe instead of dreading what is to come – a very unhealthy attitude indeed – we can ponder what was because we do know what was, whereas what is to be is altogether speculative.  In other words, instead of fretting about ‘social distancing’, ponder the amount of socializing that people have become accustomed to.

Is it truly necessary to spend every waking moment in the company of ‘friends’, physical or virtual?  Or indeed, in the company of people other than your immediate family?  How about enjoying some quiet time all by yourself?  Do you even know, let alone have any control over what is going on inside your head?  It is the only thing you truly COULD have control over, you know, if you just put the effort into it.  How much time do you normally spend pondering things, or reading for meditative purposes rather than entertainment or education?  Any at all?  This time of ‘social distancing’ could be a wonderful time for turning inwards, if only you dared.

At least, let this time of ‘social distancing’ be a time to reconsider the over-socializing that has become the new normal.  Social distancing is what used to be normal.  Only then, it was called discretion, indicating a cautious reserve in word and deed.

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2 Replies to “Herbal Household Remedies: Reconsidering Over-Socializing”

  1. So true! As someone who was homeschooled for the entirety of my school years, one of the most important things I learned was the ability to entertain myself, be okay with not entertaining myself, and not being dependent on constant entertainment…it has immensely improved my creativity, focus, productivity, and overall enjoyment of life.

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    1. Very glad to hear this! We see similar things developing in our daughters. It’s good to be comfortable with yourself and in your own company, and indeed, it fosters all the things you have listed. 🙂

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