Remembering Our Ancestors: Isaac E. Long

Our 2nd and 3rd great -grandfather Isaac Long passed away this week 110 years ago.  His grand-daughter Irene in time became our (great-)grandmother Denney.

Osaac Long headstone
Headstone of Isaac E. Long and his wife Anna Tatman at the United Brethern cemetery in Kosciusko County, IN

Isaac was born on the first day of 1828 in Hocking Co., Ohio.  As far as we know, his parents were Elder Daniel Long and Nancy Miller, who both were in their late 30s by that time.  We have record of two siblings of Isaac’s, an older brother and a younger sister.  While we are reasonably sure about Elder Daniel actually having been Isaac’s father, we have no sure data about Elder Daniel’s parents.

When Isaac was 30, he married Anna Tatman on 26 April 1858.  They were still living in Hocking County at that time, but relocated to Fairfield Co., OH in or around 1860.  Isaac and Anna had nine children together, two boys and seven girls.

Between 1862 and 1864, Isaac left his family for a while to fight in the Civil War on the Union side, mustering into “I” Co. 90th Ohio Infantry on 28 August 1862.  As far as we know, he came home again unharmed.

Although they had lived most of their respective lives in Ohio, Isaac E. lies buried in Indiana, and so does his wife Anna.  Quite possibly they went to live with one of their children in their later years, several of whom appear to have moved to Indiana around the turn of the century.

Isaac passed on this day, 20 March, in 1910, and together with his wife rests in the United Brethern cemetery in Warsaw, Kosciusko County, IN.

Requiescat in Pace, Great-Grandpa Isaac.


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