Remembering Our Ancestors: Anthony Needham I

Anthony Brian Needham I was born in 1602 in Winster, Derbyshire, England, to William Needham and Prudence Peck.  Some sources say he was born in Youlgreave, but since it’s only about four miles from one to the other and both are in the Peak District, it might be either one and would not make that much of a difference in the larger scope of things.  The featured image shows a view of Winster village.

Anthony lost both his parents relatively early.  His mother died when Anthony was 14, and his father followed her five years later, in 1621.

In 1622, Anthony married Lady Jane More, quite possibly in Winster.  They had a son, Anthony Brian II, in 1628, who went on to immigrate to the New World in 1651 and there marry Ann Potter, a young orphaned woman living there with her aunt.

But back to Anthony Brian I.  He stayed in England and died on 27 March 1647 in Youlgreave (or Winster, depending on your sources) at the age of 45, and was buried there.

Requiescat in Pace, Great-Grandfather Anthony.  You rest in an area that became the first national park in the United Kingdom in 1951.

Old postcard of Youlgrave, Derbyshire, UK

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