Remembering Our Ancestors: Grandma Naomi

We have mentioned our (great-) grandmother Naomi before: Born Naomi Ann Snyder on 6 Jan 1921, she married James Christman in 1940 – you can see the two of them in the above picture -, had a daughter in 1942, was widowed in 1944, and married again a few years later, which is why in her obituary, she shows up as Mrs. Richard Grubbs (see below).

Today, 15 May, is the anniversary of her death.  She died in 1962 at the age of 41, too early for any of us to have known her.  But we can remember her and what we know about her, especially but not only today.  Her picture as seen above, the only one we have of her, has been hanging on our fridge ever since we got it.  It is good to remember your ancestors.

Requiescat in Pace, (Great-) Grandma Naomi.

obituary naomi


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