About Donald

Donald, husband to his beloved bride Anne and father of 6 children, is of Celto-Germanic ancestry and was born & raised in the Appalachian foothills of southern Ohio;  the Unglaciated Allegheny Plateau.  Currently residing in the Kinsman, Ohio area whilst recovering from entirely too many years spent in IT, eCommerce, and marketing.

Interests include- but are not limited to- music (guitar, mandolin, dulcimer), genealogy, Jungian depth psychology, primitive cookery, bushcraft, American history & traditions, Northern European history & traditions, and the brewing of Earl Grey tea.

The Spear Side


Samuel Denny 1635-1710
10th great-grandfather

David Denny 1665-1733
Son of Samuel Denny

John Denny 1690-1765
Son of David Denny

Samuel Denny NaN-1808
Son of John Denny

Azariah Denny 1750-1830
Son of Samuel Denny

James Denney 1777-1860
Son of Azariah Denny

Jordan/ John Denney 1802-1888
Son of James Denney

Azariah Franklin Denney 1828-1908
Son of Jordan/ John Denney

Hudson “Hutson” Denney 1854-1915
Son of Azariah Franklin Denney

Steward Leslie Denney 1876-1962
Son of Hudson “Hutson” Denney

Lorain Franklin Denney 1907-1997
Son of Steward Leslie Denney

Donald Eugene Denney 1934-1996
Son of Lorain Franklin Denney

Donald Lorain Denney
I am the son of Donald Eugene Denney

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