Perfectly Puffy Pancakes

If you do not like baking powder, this pancake recipe is not for you. Otherwise, it’s wonderful, and suitable for sweet or savory toppings.

We found this recipe in an Amish cookbook.  Works out great for us.

Perfectly Puffy Pancakes


  • 4 cups flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 Tbl plus 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 cup melted butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 cups of milk


Sift flour, mix together with salt and 1 Tbl baking powder.  Add melted butter, eggs and milk until the batter has the consistency you desire.  Just before baking, add the last 1 tsp of baking powder for extra thick, fluffy pancakes.

Bake in a skillet in batches.  You can slice apples and add to the pancakes in the skillet, or add slices of bacon and onion, or tomato slices and onion, or just fry plain and use sweet or savory toppings of your choice.

In this family, applesauce and maple syrup are a favorite for sweet pancakes, bacon and onion for the savory variety.

The 1719 Hans Herr House in PA

Cruising the Hans Herr House website turned out to be a wonderful little history lesson this morning.

Photo by Mike Herr, Lititz, PaThis place was mentioned in one of our daughters’ Math problems and we had no idea what it might be.  So we looked it up:  The 1719 Hans Herr House, in case you haven’t heard of it either, is the oldest still standing settlement in Lancaster County, PA, and a registered historic landmark.

Here is their website:

1719 Hans Herr House Museum and Tours

hans herr3What a great museum!  They have a wonderful virtual tour that takes you all around the Hans Herr house and grounds, including a drone-view video of the whole area.  Individual things in the house are described, and their original German names are given.  So you see the “Kuechenschrank” (on the left), some Faesser (barrels for food storage) in the basement and Werkzeuge (tools) in the house, for example.  My favorite room is the children’s bedroom up in the attic, right next to the big chimney.

There is more to the museum than “just” the Hans Herr House.  Here is how they describe their museum:

The 1719 Hans Herr House Museum contains buildings and exhibits tracing the formation of Lancaster County and early America, including three Pennsylvania German farmhouses; several barns; a blacksmith shop, smokehouse and outdoor bake oven and an extensive collection of farm equipment spanning three centuries. The 1719 House itself is the oldest building in Lancaster County and the oldest Mennonite meetinghouse in the Americas.

Cruising the 1719 Hans Herr House website turned out to be a wonderful little history lesson this morning.  Technology DOES have its merits, after all.

hans herr2


Nebraska Amish in Andover OH

Along the shore of Pymatuning lake, Andover, OH.

Featured Image:  Strolling along the shore of Pymatuning lake, Andover, OH.

Interesting post at AmishAmerica linked below about the Amish of Andover, OH. We lived on the outskirts of Andover for about 5 years.  From the looks of the photos the author headed west on Rt. 6 and then north on Rt 7, through an area we refer to affectionately as Yoderville.

If you’re ever in the area make sure to check out the Barn Store in Cherry Valley.  We go there for sacks of wheat, oats, and semolina but they are really known in these parts for the Amish furniture.  Very busy place.  And yes, they have a web site.

Indicentally, when speaking about the concept of Retro-Culture, William S. Lind says the Amish are the model.  We tend to agree.

“What can individuals do to prepare for 4th generation warfare? What can my family do?”  ~The Discarded Image, 1/27/04, By William S. Lind

For more info and some good pictures of Andover Amish, check out the link below.

With Amish found in over 500 locations across North America, you have a decent chance of stumbling across a community while on the road (assuming you stay off the interstate). Don Burke had this happen on a recent road trip when he came upon an unexpected settlement in northeastern Ohio. He shares his passing visit…

via The Amish at Andover, Ohio (15 Photos) — Amish America

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