Bacon Bread

How’s this for breakfast?

Do you cook with cast iron pots and pans?  It’s my favorite cookware.  Especially skillets, be they big or small, round or square, deep or with molds, they all come in equally handy.

Cast iron skillets are quite versatile.  Whatever we fry, we fry in cast iron.  We poach eggs in them, too, or bake cornbread and Yorkshire pudding.  Chops turn out great if you fry them for a short time in a very hot skillet and then transfer them to the oven to cook through.  On the pictures, you see how versatile a griddle with round molds is: 2 egg sandwiches with sauteed onion in the make, all in one skillet, and the Sunday version is made with bacon bread.  Here is a quick recipe for it:

Bacon Bread


  • 1 egg
  • pinch of salt
  • milk
  • sifted flour
  • bacon (maple bacon is particularly delicious)


Beat egg and salt together in a bowl.  Add milk; the amount depends on how much you wish to make.  Mix with the egg, then add sifted flour until the batter has the consistency of pancake batter, but really, you can make it anything between fairly thick and runny, it will turn out anyway.  The thicker the batter is, the sturdier the bread will be.  Thinner batter will produce ‘floppier’ bread.  If you are not using a skillet with molds, don’t make your batter too thin or it will run every which way in the skillet.

Cut slices of bacon into pieces.  Put one piece in each mold, or, if you are not using a skillet with molds, put 3-5 pieces of bacon in a skillet.  Fry them on one side.  Turn the bacon and add batter, approximately a spoonful per mold, or a spoonful on each piece of bacon in your skillet.  Fry like pancakes: When the top is mostly dried, you can flip them and fry the other side.

Of course, you can also make pieces of bacon bread the size of your skillet.



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