Cultured Wednesday: Fanny Corbaux

Fanny Corbaux was a 19th century British portrait painter.

The girls took a book about the history of dolls home from the library one day.  It was a very interesting book with a lot more photos than text.  One doll the girls thought particularly interesting, and that was one that was fashioned after this painting:

the day before marriage
The Day Before Marriage, by Fanny Corbaux

Our oldest loved the painting because it was so beautifully detailed, and the youngest liked it for the pretty clothing.  Who, then, painted the painting?  It was Fanny Corbaux, a British lady, although her last name does not sound British at all.  Her full name was, in fact, Marie Françoise Catherine Doetger Corbaux, which throws one completely off when it comes to first names as well.  She is known as a portrait painter of the late Edwardian and early Victorian era, as well as being credited with inventing whitewash, also known as calcimine or lime paint.

Cinderella, by Fanny Corbaux

Fanny Corbaux was born in 1812 in Paris, to an English-born statistician and mathematician who had a French last name and spent much of his life abroad. Fanny was obviously very talented and developed her talent early, for when she received her first medals for an original portrait she painted and two copies, one of a water-color and one of an engraving, she was only 15 years old.  She continued to copy artwork and paint original pieces as well, in oil as well as water-colors, but eventually she gave up the former in favor of the latter and joined the New Society of Painters in Water-Colours in 1839.

Leila, by Fanny Corbaux (1845)

By that time, she had already illustrated Thomas Moore’s Pearls of the East (1837), and in 1841 she did the same for Cousin Natalia’s Tales, both of which her sister lithographed.  Of these illustrations, a critic said she had “depicted oriental beauty in all its varieties of voluptuous languor and fascinating vivacity”.  Sounds like a compliment to me.

Gulnare, by Fanny Corbaux

Fanny Corbaux died at Brighton on 1 February 1883.

The Prado Madrid
The Prado, Madrid. By Fanny Corbaux
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