Classical Sunday: Händel’s Dixit Dominus

Sir John Eliot Gardiner with the English Baroque Soloists and the Monteverdi Choir

Georg Friederich Händel: Dixit Dominus HWV 232 – Gardiner

Monteverdi Choir
English Baroque Soloists
Sir John Eliot Gardiner

June 2014

Dixit Dominus 00:00
Virgam virtutis tuae 05:46
Tecum principium in die virtutis 08:48
Juravit Dominus 11:52
Tu es sacerdos in aeternum 14:30
Dominus a dextris tuis 15:58
Judicabit in nationibus 19:02
De torrente in via bibet 22:58
Gloria Patri et Filio 27:17
De torrente in via bibet (bis/encore) 35:53

Carved marble statue of Handel at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, created in 1738 by Louis-François Roubiliac

Classical Sunday: Telemann’s Paris Quartets

Chamber music is on the menu today.

Georg Philipp Telemann: The Paris Quartets (Pariser Quartette)

1. Concerto Primo in G major 0:00
2. Concerto Secondo in D major 10:13
3. Sonata Prima in A major 20:52
4. Sonata Seconda in G minor 32:31
5. Première Suite in E minor 43:34
6. Deuxième Suite in B minor 1:01:45

Performed by the Freiburger BarockConsort.

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681 – 1767) was a largely self-taught German Baroque composer and multi-instrumentalist.  His contemporaries considered him to be one of the leading German composers of the time, and compared him favorably both to his friend Johann Sebastian Bach, who made Telemann the godfather and namesake of his son Carl Philipp Emanuel, and to Georg Friedrich Händel, whom Telemann also knew personally.

The featured image shows the Telemann bench in the Polish town of Żary, located in the east of the historic Lower Lusatia region, in the borderland with the Silesian lowlands and Greater Poland, in other words, close to Germany’s eastern border.  Telemann lived and worked in Żary for four years, from 1704 to 1708.

Classical Sunday: Mattheson’s Brauchbarer Virtuoso

Here’s something light for the first Sunday in 2020.

Johann Mattheson – Der brauchbare Virtuoso, Transverse flute & Harpsichord (CD1)

12 Kammersonaten (1717)

Toke Lude Christiansen : Traverse flute
Jesper Bøje Christensen : Harpsichord

Sonata I in D major 0:00
Sonata II in G major 11:38
Sonata III in A major 20:24
Sonata IV in D major 28:28
Sonata V in G major 35:47
Sonata VI in E minor 44:27

Händel, Telemann, Buxtehude – many big names are connected with northern Germany (Hamburg in particular) and Baroque music.  So is Johann Mattheson’s (1681 – 1764), native of Hamburg, diplomat, composer, writer and close friend of Georg Friedrich Händel’s.  Mattheson is mainly famous as a music theorist and wrote abundantly on performance practice, theatrical style, and harmony of the German Baroque.

The harpsichord was a very popular instrument at the time, although it might take modern ears some time to appreciate it.  Enjoy!



Classical Sunday: Thanksgiving Week!

Getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, one of our favorite holidays.

Vivaldi, Händel, Bach, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky:  That should do it for a fitting Thanksgiving atmosphere.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving week, one and all!

Thanksgiving Day: Classical Music for Thanksgiving Dinner

Vivaldi — Concerto No. 1, I. E Major, Op. 8, RV 269: I. Allegro « Primavera »
Vivaldi — Concerto No. 2, I. G Minor, Op. 8, RV 315: I. Allegro Non Molto « Estate » ( 03:42 )
Vivaldi — Concerto No. 3, I. F Major, Op. 8, RV 293: I. Allegro « Autunno » ( 08:45 )
Vivaldi — Concerto Alla Rustica 1° mov ( 14:08 )
Vivaldi — Concerto Alla Rustica 2° mov ( 15:42 )
Vivaldi — Concerto Alla Rustica 3° mov ( 16:44 )
Händel — Messiah, HWV 56, Scene 3: “For unto us a Child Is Born” ( 18:21 )
Händel — Messiah, HWV 56, Scene 7: “Hallelujah” ( 22:25 )
Beethoven — Symphony No. 6 in F Major, op. 68 (Pastorale) ( 26:13 )
Händel — Suite No. 2 in D Major, HWV 349 “Water Music”: II. Alla Hornpipe ( 35:21 )
Bach — Badinerie ( 40:11 )
Tchaikovsky — The Nutcracker, Suite, Op. 71a: III. Valzer dei Fiori ( 42:53 )

Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (18 August 1863 – 18 March 1930), the American painter who painted the painting the video and our post feature, was best known for his series of 78 scenes from American history entitled The Pageant of a Nation, the largest series of American historical paintings by a single artist.  He also happened to be the nephew of Thomas Moran, who, as we have just discovered, lies buried in the same cemetery on Long Island as a number of our relatives.

Classical Sunday: Händel’s Messiah

Undoubtedly one of the best-known and most frequently performed choral works in Western music.

Georg Friedrich Händel: Messiah.  By the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Messiah, composed in 1741 by George Friedrich Händel, with a scriptural text compiled by Charles Jennens from the King James Bible, and from the version of the Psalms included with the Book of Common Prayer.  First performed in Dublin on 13 April 1742.

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