Remembering Our Ancestors: Mrs. William Hall

This was one of the little genealogical surprises that you stumble upon every now and then in your researches.

susannah hall 86th birthdayMrs. William Hall – this is how she was called in a newspaper article about her 86th birthday which she celebrated on 12 September 1959.  Under the same name, we find her obituary:  On 11 June 1966, this week 54 years ago, Mrs. William Hall died at the age of 95.  Obviously, Mrs. William Hall’s birth date is not quite settled, at least not for the Lancaster Eagle Gazette where both articles appeared:  If Mrs. William Hall turned 86 in September of 1959, she was born in 1873.  In that case, however, she would only have been 93 by the time she passed away in June of 1966.

On her grave stone, the year 1870 for her birth has been chiseled.  According to some census data we have gathered, she was supposed to be 22 in 1900 (and already married for 11 years, so someone mistook a 7 for a 2 here, it seems), 37 in 1910, 47 in 1920, 57 in 1930, and 68 in 1940.  If her birthday was indeed in 1870, she was 18 when she married her first husband on 29 Mar 1889 in Clearport, Ohio, and not just 15.  Hence we will assume that her “86th” birthday was, in fact, her 89th!

So, who was Mrs. William Hall to us?  No other than (2nd) Great-Grandpa Harvey Hamilton Lindsey‘s wife Susannah Long!  Harvey Hamilton passed away 23 years before Susannah, so after having been a widow for 10 years, Susannah married again, this time William Hall who had himself been widowed twice by that time.

As you can see if you look at the names of the birthday guests, the last name Lindseyobit susannah long abounds, including of course our dear (Great-) Grandma Irene Denney.  But the second marriage lasted only for 6 years after which William died.  By the time Susannah celebrated her 86th birthday that was actually her 89th, she was already widowed a second time.

This week, we remember Susannah Long.  Her obituary also mentions her as Mrs. William Hall, but she lies buried with Harvey Hamilton, and they grave stone says Lindsey.  We assume her second husband was buried with his first or second wife.

Requiescat in Pace, Great-Grandma Lindsey.


Remembering Our Ancestors: Relief Howe

Relief Howe Everton was our 4th and 5th great-grandmother in the Denney line.

Our great-grandma Relief Howe was born on 10 October 1764, in Dover, New Hampshire.  Apparently, her family called her Leafy.  I must say that “Relief” is a very interesting first name.  Why might parents name their daughter “Relief”?  In this case, she was named after her own mother, but the question remains.  Whatever the reasons, however, Relief was to name one of her own daughters Relief as well, so it can rightly be said that this first name, much like Polly, Sally, Molly and other more common names of that time, runs in the family.

Relief and her three siblings grew up in the very north of this country, in the area of New Hampshire and later Maine, just when Colonial America was turning into an independent state:  The Declaration of Independence was signed when Relief was 11, going on 12 years old.  How much of what was going on did she see or realize, one has to wonder, and was her father involved at all?

One day before her 20th birthday, on 9 October 1784, Relief married Thomas Everton Sr. in Maine.  In the next 20 years, Thomas and Relief had ten children together (naming one of their daughters “Relief”, as mentioned), but they apparently left Maine around 1787 and lived in New York State for a while before settling in Rutland, Meigs Co., Ohio around the turn of the century.  Her husband Thomas was known in the community there as “Deacon Everton”: They belonged to the Regular Baptist Church in town, according to the “Pioneer History of Meigs Co, OH” by Stillman Carter Larkin.

Their third daughter, Jane Howe, born in 1790 in Oneida, NY, in time became Harvey Hamilton Lindsey‘s grandmother, who in turn was our great-grandfather (and 2nd great-grandfather) via Grandma Irene.

Relief Everton née Howe died this week 179 years ago, on 1 June 1841 at the  age of 76.  We assume that she lies buried in Rutland, but we have no record of her burial place, or that of her husband.

Rest well, Great-Grandma Relief, wherever they laid you to rest.



Remembering Our Ancestors: Two Birthdays and a Burial

So many of our family lines go back to the early days of European settlement in the New World.

When I first looked at our family tree today there seemed to be no-one new to portrait this week, but I was quite wrong.  Within the last 12 months, we actually added three great-grandparents to the tree that all either were born or died within this past week.

In the Denney line:
The oldest of today’s ancestors in terms of distance from us is Humphry Shinton, our 10th and 11th great-grandfather.  He was born on 19 April 1640, in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England, to Humphrey and Elizabeth (Love).  He married Anne Perry on 6 June 1663, in his hometown, and they had two children during their marriage as far as we know.  Their daughter Elizabeth married Richard Felton, and the two of them immigrated to the New World in or around the 1680s.  Their great-granddaughter was Sally Wise Felton, wife of Azariah Denney.  Humphry Shinton died in August 1681 in Wolverhampton at the age of 41, and was buried there on 29 Aug 1681 in the churchyard of St. Peter’s.

In the Lindsey line:
Mary Duset, our 5th and 6th great-grandmother, was born on 3 December 1742 in Milton, Norfolk, MA.  Her parents Peter and Ruth (Newcomb) had at least four more children, and it appears as though Mary’s forefathers and -mothers had already been living in the New World for four generations.  Mary married Benjamin Everenden (later Everton) on 2 December 1760 in Stoughton, Massachusetts.  They had seven children, and their son Thomas was (great-) Grandma Irene‘s great-great-grandfather.  Mary’s husband Benjamin died ten years before America’s independence from England in 1766 and did not even live to see the birth of his last son who was named Benjamin (in his honor without a doubt), but Mary lived to be 80 years old and thus saw a good bit of what went on in the early days of independent America.  She passed away in Dorchester, Suffolk, MA on 4 March 1823.

In the Mulford line:
Our 3rd and 4th great-grandfather William Henry Harris was born on 25 April 1825, only two years after Mary had died, in Mason, West Virginia, the first child of Henry and Jane (Summers).  Four more children were to follow.  At some point in his youth or early adulthood, William Henry crossed the nearby Ohio river and on 21 July 1853, he married Joanna Dianne Brown in Gallia County, OH, but apparently the couple did not stay long on the western side of the Ohio.  Instead, they settled back on the West Virginia side and raised their family there.  We know of only one child that the two had, Arilla Jane Harris, who was Mattie Mulford‘s mother and who in turn became the mother of (great-) Grandpa Lorain.  On 8 January 1886, William Henry died in Mason County, WV at the age of 60, and as far as we know, he lies buried there.

IMG_2976 - Edited


Requiescat in Pace, Humphry, Mary and William.



Remembering Our Ancestors: Isaac E. Long

Ironically, the Long line is one of the shorter ones in our tree.

Our 2nd and 3rd great -grandfather Isaac Long passed away this week 110 years ago.  His grand-daughter Irene in time became our (great-)grandmother Denney.

Osaac Long headstone
Headstone of Isaac E. Long and his wife Anna Tatman at the United Brethern cemetery in Kosciusko County, IN

Isaac was born on the first day of 1828 in Hocking Co., Ohio.  As far as we know, his parents were Elder Daniel Long and Nancy Miller, who both were in their late 30s by that time.  We have record of two siblings of Isaac’s, an older brother and a younger sister.  While we are reasonably sure about Elder Daniel actually having been Isaac’s father, we have no sure data about Elder Daniel’s parents.

When Isaac was 30, he married Anna Tatman on 26 April 1858.  They were still living in Hocking County at that time, but relocated to Fairfield Co., OH in or around 1860.  Isaac and Anna had nine children together, two boys and seven girls.

Between 1862 and 1864, Isaac left his family for a while to fight in the Civil War on the Union side, mustering into “I” Co. 90th Ohio Infantry on 28 August 1862.  As far as we know, he came home again unharmed.

Although they had lived most of their respective lives in Ohio, Isaac E. lies buried in Indiana, and so does his wife Anna.  Quite possibly they went to live with one of their children in their later years, several of whom appear to have moved to Indiana around the turn of the century.

Isaac passed on this day, 20 March, in 1910, and together with his wife rests in the United Brethern cemetery in Warsaw, Kosciusko County, IN.

Requiescat in Pace, Great-Grandpa Isaac.

Remembering Our Ancestors: Anna R. Tatman

Last Sunday 103 years ago, our 2nd (and 3rd) great-grandmother Anna Tatman passed on.

Anna Tatman’s married name was Long, her daughter Susannah‘s married name was Lindsey, and in turn, her daughter Irene‘s married name was Denney.

headstone Anna and Isaac Long
Headstone of Isaac and Anna Long in the Union Cemetery in Warsaw, Kosciusko County, Indiana.

Anna R. Tatman was born on 15 April 1839, in Ohio.  Her parents Loyd and Sarah came from Maryland and had settled in Ohio by the time of Anna’s birth.  Sarah was 12 years older than her husband, and when little Anna was only one year old, Loyd died.  We do not know when Sarah passed on, but in 1860 she was still alive, so Anna was most likely raised by her mother, of whom we otherwise know precious little.  For a while the family thought that Anna was of Cherokee descent, apparently from her mother’s side, but no conclusive information has been found yet.

When Anne was 19, she married Isaac E. Long on 26 April 1858 in Hocking County, Ohio. They had nine children, two boys and seven girls, one of whom was our 2nd great-grandmother Susannah Long who married Harvey Hamilton Lindsey.  Between 1862 and 1864, Anna’s husband Isaac fought in the Civil War on the Union side, mustering into “I” Co. 90th Ohio Infantry on 28 August 1862.

Anna died on 6 October 1916 at the age of 77 in Indiana, where she was also laid to rest.  Her husband Isaac had passed on 7 years previously, and the two are buried in the same grave.

Rest in Peace, Great-Grandma Anna.

Remembering Our Ancestors: Abigail Briggs

This week Tuesday 244 years ago, our 4th (and 5th) great-grandmother Abigail Briggs died in Mansfield, MA.

Abigail Briggs was born on 4 February 1751 in Norton, Bristol County, MA, to Phineas Briggs and Esther Finney as the last of five children.  Both her parents died in the spring of 1754 – dare we suggest it was the flu? – when her oldest sister was 12 and Abigail only 3 years old.  We do not know (yet) who took care of the five children after their parents had passed away.

Abigail married Daniel Skinner on 6 December 1770 in Mansfield, MA, and they had two children, a son and a daughter, before Abigail died as a young mother on 2 July 1775 in Mansfield, MA, at the age of 24.  Her husband very quickly married again and had another four or five children, so Abigail’s children did not have to grow up motherless and gained a few more siblings as well.


The information we have about Abigail Briggs Skinner, great-grandmother on the Lindsey side of the family, leaves us with more questions than answers.

Regardless:  Rest in Peace, dear Great-Grandma Abigail.  Our oldest daughter bears your name.

Remembering Our Ancestors: Susannah Long

This week Tuesday 53 years ago, our (2nd) great-grandmother Susannah passed on.

Family rumor has it that Susannah Long, wife of Harvey Hamilton Lindsey and mother of 17 children, was part Native American, but our research has not corroborated it.  Then again, we know comparatively little about the Long branch of the family, so maybe the rumors are true after all.

Susannah Long was born on 12 September 1870 in Hocking County, Ohio, to Isaac E. Long and Anna Tatman.  We have four later possible birth years for her on file, but the earliest seems most likely to us since on 29 March 1889 at the age of 18, she married Harvey Hamilton Lindsey in Clearport, Ohio.  Their first son Archibald was born in early June of 1890; you can see him in the featured image standing in the back row in the middle.  Our (great-)grandmother Irene Lethie was Susannah’s 13th child, born in 1911.

Susannah Long
Susannah Long (1870–1966). Her first name has been spelled “Suzanne” as well.

The family lived in Fairfield County, OH, while Susannah’s parents seem to have settled in Indiana.  They are buried there.

Susannah’s husband Harvey Hamilton died in 1943, but she lived for another 23 years before she was called home on 11 June 1966.  She was laid to rest in Hopewell Cemetery in Madison Township, Ohio.

Rest in Peace, Great-Grandma Lindsey.

Susannah Long 2
Susannah Lindsey at approximately 59 years.

The featured family photo was taken in or around 1929, most likely in Fairfield County, Ohio.  Our great-grandmother Irene, then aged 17, is standing behind her father.  We assume the occasion was Harvey Hamilton and Susannah’s 40th wedding anniversary.

Remembering Our Ancestor: Harvey Hamilton Lindsey

Today, we remember our (2nd) great grandfather Harvey Hamilton Lindsey.

Today, we wish to remember our (2nd) great grandfather Harvey Hamilton Lindsey, father of Grandma Irene who is standing right behind her father in the family photo featured above.  He would have celebrated his 155th birthday this week!

Harvey Hamilton Lindsey was born on 11 March 1864, in Hocking County, Ohio, to Samuel Lindsey and Mary Elizabeth Skinner, the 5th of eight children.  Records indicate that he might have had a twin brother who possibly died early.

He married Susannah Long on 29 March 1889.  They had 17 children, 12 of whom reached adulthood.  Here is a newspaper clipping regarding their Golden Wedding Anniversary:

circleville, OH
Golden Wedding Anniversary. In the newspaper on 4 Apr 1939 in Circleville, OH.

Five years after their 50th wedding anniversary, Harvey Hamilton died on 21 April 1943 at the age of 79, having lived all his life in Fairfield County, OH, as did his daughter Irene after him.  He lies buried in Hopewell Methodist Episcopal Cemetery in Clearport.  This is the inscription on his grave marker.  Note the discrepancy in his birth year.

Grave Marker Harvey Hamilton
Grave Marker of Harvey Hamilton Lindsey

Rest in Peace, dear Great-Grandpa Harvey Hamilton.  Your picture on our fridge makes sure that you are not forgotten.

harvey hamilton
Harvey Hamilton Lindsey (1864–1943)


Remembering Our Ancestors: Samuel Lindsey

Today we remember Samuel Lindsey (1827 – 1914).

The grandfather of our paternal grandmother on the Denney side, Samuel Lindsey, was born in 1827 in Fairfield County, Ohio.  He married Mary Elizabeth Skinner on May 17, 1855, in Meigs County, Ohio, and they had eight children in 18 years.  He died this day, November 2, in 1914, just in time to miss almost all of WWI, at the age of 87.

Since we do not have pictures of him, we chose old pictures of the area where he lived for illustration purposes.

Meigs county court house
Meigs County court house in Pomeroy, Ohio

Featured is an image of Mount Pleasant, also called Standing Stone, at the fairgrounds in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio.  The old stomping grounds…

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