A Stuffed Pet Tornado

Be creative!

Well, here’s the result of our 2nd daughter’s newest creative outburst: a stuffed pet tornado for her sissy.

Look, it’s a girl tornado, her name is Twisty and she is winking!

We also made a whale while we were at it, but that was the third daughter’s project.

Say hello to this cute whale lady; her name is Whala.


Needlework Project

She’s stylish, she is!

Our oldest needed a fanny pack; you know, a bag you can wear around your waist to keep stuff in if you don’t have pockets.

Rather than buying one, we decided on making one from some embroidered scrap denim and other odds and ends we found in the sewing box.

Our little lady did most of the hemming herself, and also sewed on the decorative wooden tree buttons for style – she’s stylish, she is! -, and the rest I helped her with.  Just the right project for a severely sultry day when thinking about going outside already makes you break out in a sweat.


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